The Courageous Kids Series

by Wanda Kay Knight

John Pounds

John watched the ships glide across the water. He dreamed of building ships until a slip of his foot changed everything. But John didn’t let that stop him. Instead, he changed his world by reaching out to needy children and he used potatoes to do it.

Anne Sullivan

Anne was determined! She would find a way to keep her brother safe. She would find a way to have a better life. She would find a way to help Helen understand sign language.
Anne found a way to make her dreams true and she changed the world while she was doing it! 

Abbie Burgess

When Abbie waved good-bye to her father, she did not know that a storm was going to change everything. Her father was gone. Her mother was sick. The waters from the ocean were rising. How would Abbie keep everything together?

Louis Armstrong

Louis stood staring in the store window. There it was! The thing that he just had to have. The thing that would change his life. Louis started there—but he didn’t stop there. Before he was finished, the world was a happier place—and it all started with what he saw in that window!

George Washington Carver

George had a very special gift. When the orchard got brown splotches, he used his gift. When the boll weevils were eating the cotton, he used his gift. And then, when the farmers needed his help, he used his gift again. George changed the world with his gift! 

Charles Dickens

Charles was stuck putting labels on bottles! He kept dreaming of going back to school. Everyone told him to forget his dreams. But instead of letting go of his dreams, Charles held on to them and turned his dreams into something that changed the world. 

Mary Sawyer

It all started on a cold morning while Mary was helping her father with the farm chores. The precious lamb lay almost frozen. But Mary was determined to give the lamb a chance. And by helping the little lamb, Mary also gave the world a very lovely gift!

Abraham Lincoln

Abraham and his sister, Sarah, jostled along in the back of the horse-drawn wagon. They were going to a new home. But when they got there, they stood staring at nothing but trees and dirt. And then things only got worse! But Abraham overcame it all and finally became a leader that helped to change the world.

Annie loved to use her perfect aim to help her family find food. One day she saw an advertisement that promised $100 to whoever could aim and hit the most targets. Anne was determined to be the winner and the rest is history.

It was cold and snowy outside. Glenn hurried to his one-room school. It was his turn to start the fire in the wood-burning stove and make sure the classroom was warm and toasty for his classmates. But something went terribly wrong! After that fateful day, Glenn’s life changed forever. However, Glenn fought back and he became a true winner!