Seven holiday plays! There’s St. Nicholas, the Three Wise Men, and The Twelve Days of Christmas. There are also Victorian carolers, snowmen, Santa and toys. A couple of the plays are humorous and fun while others are built around Biblical or historical concepts.

These plays are easily adaptable. The number of cast members and even the size of the stage/set can be adjusted to fit the needs of the group. There are parts for older performers, and there are parts for the younger members of the crew.

Choice of music can be fine-tuned to fit the audience style or situation. With these beautifully written and adaptable plays, there really is something for almost anyone!

Embark on a captivating journey through eight enchanting tales where faith and wonder intertwine. These beautifully illustrated true stories are a testament to the divine interventions that can occur when all hope seems lost.

From snow-covered landscapes to the hallways of an orphanage and the midnight chiming of a tower clock, each story unfolds as God intervenes and answers prayers, turning ordinary situations into extraordinary happenings.

These short stories are perfect for young readers who love illustrated books and for storytellers seeking new tales to share. And, of course, these will delight everyone else, too!
Mysterious Miracles is a collection that will leave hearts bright with hope, faith, and the belief that miracles can happen.

The lineage flows from Adam and Eve to Jesus as one biblical hero after another adds their name to the story. The King’s Tree is a beautifully illustrated children’s book–a lyrical journey along that timeline–as the followers of God await their destiny which can only be fulfilled with the birth of the Savior King.

This illustrated book connects beloved stories that follow the lineage of the Old Testament.