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Editorial Review

By Liz Konkel, Readers' Favorite

The Peacock Door by Wanda Kay Knight is the first book in the Ancient Pathways and Hidden Keys series. Three sets of cousins are visiting their Gramma and are delighted when she has a surprise for them: a ramshackle treehouse. It’s all theirs to play in with one rule: only use the door for comings and goings. When two of them break the rule and end up lost in another world, the others band together to bring them home, but the deeper they go into this strange new world, the stranger it becomes. The cousins embark on epic adventures that bring them face to face with many dangers, mysterious strangers, and surprising twists that await them as they try to make their way home.

The Peacock Door follows the eight cousins through various individual adventures as they’re separated into three groups while working to find each other and their way home. This allows you to see their various relationships and get to know them outside the larger group. Wanda Kay Knight explores who each of the cousins is as individuals. Each of their journeys leads each of the cousins to make discoveries about themselves and about this strange world the treehouse brought them to. The love between the cousins adds a depth to the story that shows the importance of their family unit and what drives them to never give up on finding each other. The story has a fun Wizard of Oz element to it as three of the cousins set off to see the Oracle, which blends well with the fairytale elements. The Peacock Door is a delightful read for youngsters of all ages to enjoy as a group of cousins find their way into a world that has an adventure, action, dazzling oceans, enchanted trees, rainbows, clocks, and giants.

Easily the best children’s book this year!

By Avid Reader

“Wanda Kay Knight’s The Peacock Door is a delectable literary triumph that hooks you from page one. From the moment Gramma introduces her eight grandchildren to her magical treehouse, through the children’s rip-roaring adventures past forbidden treehouse doors, this book delivers thrill and adventure, otherworldliness, and a powerful testament of moxie. A must-read for children and adults alike!”

Magical and real and a pleasure to read!

By Anne

What’s not to love about Wanda Kay Knight’s The Peacock door! It has everything a good magical story needs; a forbidden blue door, -a ‘Bluebeard-like’ invitation to enter the labyrinth of the psyche…An old Oak tree, a tree house, adventure, magic, -a journey of soul making like all great fairytales. But Knight’s characters have more psychological depth and individuality than most fairytale characters, and this makes it appealing and brings it closer to our own lives. I love that the grandma is a real elder with knowledge, who can invite her grand-children into a magical universe of discovery. She is not over-protecting these kids or insulating them from the world, but shows the way into a bigger world where they must get lost, discover their own resources, and find their way home. It is magical and realistic at the same time, written by an author with a clear talent and real imagination.

By Savannah, A Magical Must-Read

This was my first middle-grade fantasy book to read, but it blew me away. Wanda Kay Knight provided her readers with breathtaking, sensory-rich images that brought every page to life. The characters were realistic and extremely likable. The plot twisted and turned in fun and unexpected ways. The way Knight told this story, weaving back and forth through different perspectives, was mesmerizing. The best word to describe the story of “The Peacock Door” is “magical.”

By Kim Charlton

Whimsical and enchanting are the best words to describe this absolutely delightful book! There is no Snow White, nor 7 dwarfs, but instead a cast of 8 extremely adorable children on a most precarious mission. This is a magical fantasy that envelopes the reader and holds tight to the very end! Although recommended for young to middle graders, my middle-aged self was intertwined and thoroughly engaged until the very end as the author led me on quite the wondrous journey! In my own opinion..I’m waiting for the’s that fantastical!!

By Julie Whelchel

The writing is so clever and imaginative, Wanda Kay Knight really brings the characters to life and allows one’s own imagination run loose! This book definitely left me thirsting for more!


The Peacock Door is a beautiful, fantastical, tale that transports readers to magical worlds where six cousins learn the value of truth, honor, and integrity. In a world filled with messages that mask the values that matter most, it is a pleasure to find a book, written for young readers, that unveils the meaning of true and lasting beauty. The worlds the children are thrown into are metaphors for our challenging times. In places where fears and preconceptions appear overwhelming, the children are forced to search within themselves and reveal truths that are timeless and lasting. Wanda Kay Knight has written a well-crafted book that forces us all to consider what we value most in our lives.

By Jennifer Boone

This book is amazing! The minute you start it you can see, it. I can see this book being a big movie, I am so excited for the second one. Wanda Kay Knight has just become my favorite author. Must read for children and adults.

The Peacock Door

The Peacock Door is a magical, imaginative adventure about eight cousins who find themselves lost in strange worlds, and who have to rely on their own wit, intelligence, and determination to return home. Each of the cousins is unique and different and although eight characters is a lot to keep track of, I could easily keep them apart. The story reminded me of the classics I loved to read back when I was a kid, like The Neverending Story or The Wizard of Oz. The scenes are so vivid they seem to come to live, and the writing is on par for the targeted age group, yet adults will be able to enjoy it too. I also really loved the cover, it fit the book well. I enjoyed getting to know the characters, and I hope the author makes a series out of this.

The Emerald Key

All the reason we love fantasies that take us to alternate realms — richly-crafted worlds, beautifully developed characters, and the reverence for home when lost in a forging land. Like Wizard of Oz, it pulls at your heartstrings.” D. Taylor